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402 Ultra 2010 Semi Gloss Exterior Paint Quart

402 Ultra 2010 Semi Gloss Exterior Paint Quart

402 Ultra 2010 Semi Gloss Exterior Paint Quart

Finest 100% Acrylic Latex for use on almost any exterior surface.

Its formula provides maximum adhesion, breathability, flexibility, color retention, water and alkali resistance.

Quick drying and easy to apply.

Self priming over most new and previously painted surfaces.

Troubleshooter primer is recommended for new wood surfaces.

Trouble free long lasting finish when applied properly.

Recommended use on clapboards, shingles, shakes, trim, plywood, vinyl/aluminium siding, stucco, masonry, brick, asbestos siding and galvanized metal.

Coverage: 400-450 sq ft per gallon

Drying time: to touch in 2 hours and recoat in 4 hours

Soap and water clean up

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