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Edge Painter with Extension Pole Adapter

Edge Painter with Extension Pole Adapter

SKU: 50154

Edge Painter with Extension Pole Adapter

Home Project Series


  • Use Edge Painter

    1. Before painting, brush pad with clean cloth to remove any excess fibers
    2. Dip the white fibers of the pad into a paint tray. Load the front half of the fibers with paint. Do not saturate the pad, as excess paint will drip off.
    3. Wipe off excess paint in tray
    4. Avoid getting paint on wheels
  • Applying Paint

    1. PLace wheels on adjacent surface
    2. Slide Edger keeping wheels tight to surface
    3. Travel in one direction whenever possible
  • Clean Pads

    1. Clean latex paint with soapy water
    2. Clean oil based paints and varnish with mineral spirits
    3. Avoid using hot water
  • Change Pads

    1. Lift the pad over the locking tabs and slide pad off the handle 
    2. This pad fits most Edge Painters
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